Thank you for your interest in our JusDandy Shelties & Border Collies!  Raising and competing with Shetland Sheepdogs for 45+ years!

JusDandy Shelties are bred for intelligence, desire to please, inner drive, and the ability to thrive on training and competition pressures. Physical soundness as well as mental stability are prime aims also. Because we all love “Shelties,” breed type and temperament are very important too. Naturally, to reach our goals with our Sheltie teammates they must be capable of living long healthy lives returning to us years of fun and thrills for our training efforts. To this end our dogs receive a Preliminary OFA hip and elbow rating at around one year, and again at two years, breeding stock is CERFed annually, vWD Genetic tested and receive a complete thyroid panel every two years from Michigan State University. We are also beginning to include the CEA DNA testing and our dogs have all been "normal" to date.

JusDandy Border Collies are specifically bred for their livestock working abilities. Each dog is thoroughly evaluated during their daily work as farm dogs as well as in trial competition situations under all venues offering stockdog competition and all types of stock. Along with the need for sound working abilities the dogs must be very biddable in order to make them useful working partners. This combination of working ability and biddability make them outstanding prospects for dog sports of all kinds. To try to offer a long life of attending to business whether farm/ranch, trial field or other dog sports our dogs receive a Preliminary OFA hip and elbow rating at around eight months, and again at two years, breeding stock is CERFed annually, We are also beginning to include the CEA DNA testing and the two dogs done so far are "normal" and our third is "normal" by parentage.

E-LIST: We have a  “JusDandy Yahoo List” for people that have dogs from us, the dog’s relatives and our friends. If you “Join” the list and go to “Photos”, you will see pictures of our dogs and their offspring and relatives. A web site is under construction. You are welcome to remain a List Member, introduce yourself and receive announcements of breeding plan progress as it happens. It is a low volume list.

PUPPIES: We spend a lot of time with our puppies and introduce them to all kinds of surfaces, objects, playthings, situations, different people and livestock so they can realize all their potential.

Finelia Farm (click to view full-size) consists of 135 acres of rolling Ohio farm land. We have arenas of various sizes and fields for training and trials. We also have hosted a wide range of stockdog competition opportunities.

LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES: We currently have Marc Christopher visit our farm for a week three times yearly. He is an excellent clinician and has a great training program that works wonderfully for all breeds. We have him here to share his vast knowledge and expertise with others who also enjoy stockdog training or are just getting started. Two day seminars are held focusing on specific topics and private lessons are also offered. Lesson attendees are welcome to utilize our stock and fields to train their dogs between lessons to help them understand and practice what they have learned as well as to solidify questions they may have about the next steps with their dog.

2015 Events in southern Ohio - Here are a couple events to put on your calendar!!   VIDEOS - PLEASE ENJOY
  • March 28 & 29 - The Buckeye All-Breed Herding Association
    Location: Claudia and Gary Frank's Finelia Farm
    5373 SR 138 NE, Greenfield OH 45123-9518 - (About half way between Cinn & Col)
    Click arrow for additional details. Hours: Beginning at 10 am and closing at 5 pm
  • April 25 & 26 - Green Gates Farm Trial
    Location:  Home of Cindy Baker (near Hillsboro, OH)
    Two trials each day. A AHBA HTAD Trial and a Points Trial
  • Marc Christopher Training Events
    Flyer -- Location: Finelia Farm – home of Claudia & Gary Frank (near Greenfield, OH)
    • May - Seminar, Camp & Private Lessons (Cattle may be available for privates,)
      • All Levels Seminar: May 23 & 24
      • Camp: May 25 & 26
      • Private Lessons: May 21 & May 22 and May 27 & 28
    • July - Private Lessons: July 9 -14
    • September - Private Lessons: September 24 thru 29

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